Pre-APSA workshop


On August 27, 2014, we held a Pre-APSA workshop in Washington DC. The purpose of the workshop was to present papers that use the data gathered within the Making Electoral Democracy Work project. The papers presented were located within the fields of political behaviour and comparative politics and addressed the main question of MEDW project that how the rules of the game (especially the electoral system) and the electoral context (especially the competitiveness and salience of the election) influence voters’ and parties’ behaviour.


  • André Blais (University of Montreal)
  • Damien Bol (University of Montreal)


(* presenters)

Welcome (9.00-9.15AM)

Panel 1: Party Strategies and Party Systems (9.15-10.45AM)

Chair: André Blais (University of Montreal)
Discussants: Matt Golder (Penn State University) and Indridi Indridason (University of California, Riverside)

  • Determinants of the Choice for Personalization Strategies in Election Campaigns
    Marian Bohl* (University of Zurich)
  • The Personalization of Politics and Party Leaders
    Bill Cross (Carleton University)
    Scott Pruysers* (Careton University)
  • Assessing Ideological Content In Party Preferences: Political Dimensionality in Five Democracies
    Eric Guntermann* (University of Montreal)
    Liron Lavi (Tel Aviv University)

Coffe Break (10.45-11.15AM)

Panel 2: Turnout and Voting Behavior (11.15AM-12.45AM)

Chair: Sona Golder (Penn State University)
Discussants: Martial Foucault (Sciences Po Paris) and Damien Bol (University of Montreal).

  • Directional Economic Voting
    Gulcan Saglam* (Georgia State University)
    Ryan E. Carlin (Georgia State University)
  • How to Survey about Turnout? A Replication Study of the Face-saving Question in Five Democracies
    Alexandre Morrin-Chassé (University of Montreal)
    Damien Bol* (University of Montreal)
    Laura Stephenson (University of Western Ontario)
    Simon Labbé St-Vincent (University of Montreal)
  • EuroVotePlus: Voting for European Representatives?
    Jean-Francois Laslier* (Paris School of Economics)
    André Blais (University of Montreal)
    Damien Bol (University of Montreal)
    Sona N. Golder (Pennsylvania State University)
    Philipp Harfst (Ernst-Moritz-Arndt University of Greifswald)
    Laura Stephenson (University of Western Ontario)
    Karine Van der Straeten (Toulouse School of Economics)

Lunch Break (12.45AM-2.00PM)

Panel 3: The Strategies of the Vote (2.00-3.30PM)

Chair: Bill Cross (Carleton University)
Discussants: Jean-François Laslier (Paris School of Economics) and Karine Van der Straeten (Toulouse School of Economics)

  • What Determines Rental Votes? Party Signals vs Individual Preferences
    Thomas Gschwend (University of Mannheim)
    Steffen Zittlau (University of Mannheim)
    Lukas Stötzer* (University of Mannheim)
  • Small Parties in Sub-State Systems: The Case of Canadian Provinces
    Marc A. Bodet (Laval University)
    Allan Craigie (University of British Columbia)
    Laura Stephenson* (University of Western Ontario)
    Charles Tessier (Laval University)
  • Timing is Everything? The Correlates and Effects of Time-of-voting-decisions
    Michael McGregor* (Bishop’s University)
    Laura Stephenson (University of Western Ontario)

Coffee break (3.30-4.00PM)

Panel 4: MEDW Team meeting (for MEDW team members only, 4.00-6.00PM)


  • APSA Organized Section on Representation and Electoral Systems
  • APSA Organized Section on Elections, Public Opinion, and Voting Behavior
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