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Which election matters most (least)?

By Simon Labbé-St-Vincent, University of Montreal What is the story? Modern democracies are typically composed of several levels of governments. Elections at higher government levels (supranational or national elections) are sometimes considered more important than regional or municipal elections since they involve more voters, and since the governments usually have larger budgets. An alternative hypothesis […]

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To vote or to abstain? An experimental test of rational calculus in FPTP and PR elections

By André Blais, University of Montreal What is the story? Many economists and political scientists explain the decision to vote or to abstain using a rational choice model. In a recent article, we tested the rational choice model of voting in the lab. We performed numerous experiments in Brussels, Montreal, and Paris, in which participants […]

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Pre-APSA workshop

Synopsis On August 27, 2014, we held a Pre-APSA workshop in Washington DC. The purpose of the workshop was to present papers that use the data gathered within the Making Electoral Democracy Work project. The papers presented were located within the fields of political behaviour and comparative politics and addressed the main question of MEDW […]

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