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The Importance of Three Ideological Dimensions

Mike Medeiros, McGill University Jean-Philippe Gauvin, University of Montreal Chris Chhim, McGill University What is the story? Politics in regions or countries with a salient ethno-regionalist cleavage take on a unique dynamic. In addition to ideological positioning on economic and social stances, centre-periphery issues add a third ideological dimension that needs to be considered for […]

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MAPP: New Resources on Party Affiliation

Emilie van Haute, Université libre de Bruxelles What is MAPP and what we do? MAPP is a working group on Members and Activists of Political Parties. It brings together international scholars interested in the topics of party affiliation, membership and activism. Launched in May 2014, MAPP is also a 3-year research project aimed at ‘understanding […]

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How do people react to the ‘performance’ of the party they voted for?

By Shane P. Singh, University of Georgia Note: an extended version of this blog post appeared earlier at Democratic Audit UK What is the story? On Election Day, vote shares translate into seats and power in accordance with the electoral rules. In the end, some parties perform well, others do not, and a new government […]

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