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Partisanship, Information, and Perceptions of Government corruption

By André Blais, Université de Montréal Elisabeth Gidengil, McGill Université Anja Kilibarda, Columbia University   What’s the story? Recent research suggests that trust in governments in postindustrial democracies has eroded. In fact, citizens increasingly believe that governments are unresponsive to their needs, and they frequently hold politics and politicians in low esteem. Perceptions of corruption […]

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Will PEI change its electoral system?

By Katherine V.R. Sullivan, Université de Montréal What’s the story? Prince Edward Island is inviting Islanders to take part in an electoral reform plebiscite over a 10-day period between October 29th and November 7th. This extraordinary plebiscite will not only ask citizens to express their preferences about five different electoral systems, it will also allow […]

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Correct voting and post-election regret

By André Blais Université de Montréal Anja Kilibarda Columbia University What’s the story? Elections are often seen as a way for citizens to communicate their views. However, much research has shown that many voters are not well informed about the issues of the day. This raises the question whether some people make the wrong choice. […]

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